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BUY FOR DOG Online Store for Dog Product and Free Delivery was created out of love for my dog!


My name is Zack and I created this online store on March 10, 2020 on my birthday. I have loved dogs since I was very young and they have been a part of my life. They are the friends who will never leave us and will always be with us.

  • My best friend is an American Pit Bull Terrier at the age of 9, for me he is part of my heart and in his honor I decided to make this store with selected products that we use.
    His name is Ares, as the name of the god of war from ancient Greek mythology. To me, he is my warrior because he fights against the difficulties of modern life.
  • He was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism two years ago, and that changed his lifestyle. He became quite lazy and sleepy. To improve his lifestyle, I found distributors from the USA, Europe and Asia of the products offered by our store and bought a lot of products from them for my friend. These products changed his life for the better, providing him with adequate sleep, playing comfort, a diet with the right amount, because in this disease dogs become obese.
  • I believe that dogs make us better people and that they also suffer like us and love their loved ones with all their hearts.
    So let's be better people and adopt abandoned dogs and animals, stop abandoning them, stop blaming them, because it's all the people's fault.
    We need to understand that animals are part of our family and they will never leave us.

BUY FOR DOG was created with love!

  • Why should you buy from us?
  • I will answer you in a few words!
  • Because you will receive excellent quality of service, maximum easy recovery if there is any problem, good quality products and a lot of love. With us everything is easy!
    With every product purchased from us, we know that you have made a better life for your friend and this brings us peace and love in the soul.
  • Give joy and comfort to you and your pets!


    My Boy
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