PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Bowl™

Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG





Pet health is the concern of every pet fan. Pet diarrhea is a headache problem for most pets love. The biggest bane of pet diarrhea is eating food with bacteria, which causes pets intestinal damage. PETKIT has been committed to providing a more healthy and happy life for pets, PETKIT antibacterial weighing bowl is the latest design, it effectively inhibits the breeding of bacteria, and it records/analyzes the pet feeding situation to provide advice for pet healthy feeding. It is a bowl that can connect to your phone APP, PETKIT antibacterial bowl has won the iF International Forum Design GmbH. PETKIT smart bowl and intelligent water fountain together escort your pet's health.



  • PETKIT bowl uses BioCleanAct material, which can effectively inhibit the bacteria from forming constantly.
  • BioCleanAct is new anti-bacterial material from an organic family, which is covered all over the main body. It can restrain those bacteria which cause diarrhea constantly, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus Rosenbach and so on. Compared to silver ion(Ag+), it's safer and more efficient in terms of anti-bacterial.
  • IF 2016:
    The internationally recognized symbol of IF has presented outstanding design works in three areas annually: product design, communication design, and packaging design. All Companies regard the iF design awards as symbolizing product quality.


Accurate Weighing & PETKIT APP


  • Four kinds of weight units(lb, oz,g, ml)you can choose according to your using habits, PETKIT bowl can accurately weigh the food your pet eating every day, you can easily master how much food your pet has eaten.
  • Download the PETKIT APP to your phone, with the basic info(weight, food, age, breed) of your pet, you will get customized daily feeding amount via PETKIT APP, which brings more health to your pet, it especially helps those who want to control his pet weight, pet slightly overweight or pet obese. A feeding bowl is very worth being recommended.


Coordinate with PETKIT Pet Activity Monitor(Sold Separately)

     PETKIT Smart weighing bowl, know exactly about the number of your pets eating every day!

     PETKIT Pet Activity Monitor, monitors your pet's activity, sleep, mood, and everyday consumption.
      With these two items(PETKIT pet activity monitor sold separately), you can exactly control the number of your pets eat, and you can know how much it consumes accurately, you can know their exercise, whether enough; their mood, whether happy; and finally get his health report. You can feed your pets scientifically, and let them live longer and better!

Anti-Overflow & Best Angle of Inclination

    Unlike traditional pet bowls with a semi-circle at the bottom, the U-shape design makes the food not easy to overflow when being poured. Meanwhile, the height and opening degree make it more comfortable for pets to enjoy the meal.

    After researching samples of different body types, which are mainly dogs and cats(including those cats with flat faces), the rim of the bowl is inclined to 5 degrees to make eating more easy and simple.

    ​Washing? Not A Problem
    As a bowl, no doubt it can be washed in water.  As a precision-designed electronic device, we do a lot for its waterproof-the exterior screen with special protection, buttons located inside, sealed battery box, drainage hole as honeycomb at the bottom, all these make it possible to be washed, just like the other ordinary tablewares.


We present the future of PETKIT in pet nutrition.
PETKIT is a digital food bowl with intelligent precision weighing that will improve your best friend's nutrition. End of overeating. With PETKIT you will monitor exactly how much food your pet eats and you will not worry about his health, because you will reduce obesity to a minimum.                           

1. 100% brand new and high quality. (Petkit brand cooperates with our BUY FOR DOG company, Committed to creating high-end smart pet products)
2. Material: SCIENCE antibacterial materials BioCleanAct(USA FDA & Korea FDA Certificate )
3. Color: White, Milk Cow, Color Ball
4. Size: 18x18x6cm/7.1x7.1x2.4in
5. Battery: Use 2*AAA (Not included)
6. Weight: 465g/16.4oz (not include packaging)
7. Capacity: 1700ml/57.48fl oz
8. Display screen: 4-Digit LCD display
9. Weighing measuring range: 1g - 2000g/0.03-70.55oz

1. To prevent diarrhea in pets
2. Reasonable feeding
3. Weight control, to ensure pet's health
4. Waterproof, it can be washed in water

You also can download the APP “PETKIT” for more scientific and healthy feeding solutions. It needs you to fill in the dog's age, weight, dog breed, and food brand, then you can get a tailor-made daily feed method, to help your dog's meal become more and more scientific and healthy.

Package Include:
1* Pet Smart Digital Feeding Bowl

When first time used:
1. Keep the four corners flat when using to ensure uniform force;
2. After turning on the machine and placing it flat, press the power button to clear it once, then you can pour the pet food;
3. Press and hold the key for 3 seconds to switch the weighing unit (g/lb/ml/oz);
4. When cleaning, pay attention to control the water temperature below 50 °C;
5. Download Xiaopei APP, enter the pet's basic information, and get a scientific feeding plan;
6. The device will automatically shut down when the weighing function is not used for a long time.

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