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Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG
Fresh Smart Digital Antibacterial Bowl - BUY FOR DOG

PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Bowl™

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PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Bowl™ | Buy For Dogs

Why do you need PETKIT Fresh smart antibacterial pet bowl?

Pet fitness and health are a challenge for each and every pet fan. Pet diarrhea is a headache hassle for most pets love. The largest bane of pet diarrhea is ingesting meals with bacteria, which reasons pets intestinal damage.

PETKIT has been dedicated to offering a greater healthful and pleased existence for pets. PETKIT antibacterial weighing bowl is a cutting-edge design. It correctly inhibits the breeding of bacteria. It records/analyzes the pet feeding scenario to grant recommendations for pet healthful feeding. It is a bowl that can join your cellphone APP.

PETKIT antibacterial bowl has received the iF International Forum Design GmbH.

PETKIT clever bowl and sensible water fountain collectively escort your pet's health.

The fresh smart antibacterial pet bowl is Anti-Bacterial

PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Bowl™ | Buy For Dogs


  • PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Bowl makes use of BioCleanAct material, which can efficiently inhibit the micro organism from forming constantly.
  • BioCleanAct is a new anti-bacterial cloth from a natural family, which is blanketed all over the principal body. It can restrain these microorganisms which purpose diarrhea constantly, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus Rosenbach and so on. Compared to silver ion(Ag+), it is safer and extra environment friendly in phrases of anti-bacterial.
  • IF 2016: The internationally diagnosed image of IF has introduced notable layout works in three areas annually: product design, verbal exchange design, and packaging design. All Companies regard the iF graph awards as symbolizing product quality.

Accurate Weighing & PETKIT APP

PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Bowl™ | Buy For Dogs
  • Four types of weight units(lb, oz,g, ml)you can select in accordance with your the use of habits, PETKIT bowl can precisely weigh the meals your pet consumes each and every day, so you can without difficulty grasp how plenty meals your pet has eaten.

  • Download the PETKIT APP to your phone, with the primary info(weight, food, age, breed) of your pet, you will get custom-made everyday feeding quantity with the aid of the PETKIT APP. It brings extra fitness to your pet. It particularly helps those who prefer to manipulate their pet's weight, pet barely obese or pet obese. A feeding bowl is very well worth being recommended.


PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Bowl™ | Buy For Dogs


Coordinates with PETKIT Pet Activity Monitor (Sold Separately)

  • PETKIT Smart weighing bowl, comprehend precisely the variety of your pets ingesting each and every day!
  • PETKIT Pet Activity Monitor, video display units your pet's activity, sleep, mood, and day-to-day consumption

With these two objects (PETKIT pet undertaking display bought separately), you can precisely manipulate the variety of your pets eat, and you can recognize how an awful lot it consumes accurately, you can be aware of their exercise, whether or not enough; their mood, whether or not happy; and sooner or later get his fitness report. You can feed your pets scientifically, and let them stay longer and better!

PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Bowl™ | Buy For Dogs


PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Bowl™is Anti-Overflow & Best Angle of Inclination

Unlike regular pet bowls with a semi-circle at the bottom, the U-shape format makes the meals no longer effortless to overflow when being poured. Meanwhile, the peak and opening diploma make it extra cozy for pets to revel in the meal.

After discovering samples of exceptional physique types, which are primarily puppies and cats (including these cats with flat faces), the rim of the bowl is inclined to 5 tiers to make consumption extra effortless and simple.

PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Bowl™ | Buy For Dogs


​Washing PETKIT Fresh Smart Antibacterial Bowl™? Not A Problem

As a bowl, it can be washed in water as usual. As a precision-designed digital device, we do a lot for its waterproof-the exterior display with one-of-a-kind protection, buttons placed inside, sealed battery box, drainage gap as honeycomb at the bottom, all these make it feasible to be washed, simply like the different regular tableware.


We offer the future of PETKIT in pet nutrition.
PETKIT is a digital meals bowl with sensible precision weighing that will enhance your fine friend's nutrition. End of overeating. With PETKIT you will display precisely how a lot of meals your pet eats and you will no longer fear about his health, due to the fact you will limit weight problems to a minimum.


1. A hundred percent manufacturer-new and excessive-quality. (Petkit company cooperates with our BUY FOR DOG company, Committed to growing high-end clever pet products)
2. Material: SCIENCE antibacterial substances BioCleanAct (USA FDA & Korea FDA Certificate )
3. Color: White, Milk Cow, Color Ball
4. Size: 18x18x6cm/7.1x7.1x2.4in
5. Battery: Use 2*AAA (Not included)
6. Weight: 465g/16.4oz (not consist of packaging)
7. Capacity: 1700ml/57.48fl oz
8. Display screen: 4-Digit LCD display
9. Weighing measuring range: 1g - 2000g/0.03-70.55oz


1. To stop diarrhea in pets
2. Reasonable feeding
3. Weight control, to make sure pet's health
4. Water-tight; it can be washed in water


You additionally can download the APP “PETKIT” for greater scientific and healthful feeding solutions. It wishes you to fill in the dog's age, weight, canine breed, and meals brand, then you can get a tailored each-day feed method, to assist your dog's meal to emerge as greater and extra-scientific and healthy.
Package Include:

1* Pet Smart Digital Feeding Bowl / PETKITfresh smart antibacterial pet bowl

When first time used PETKIT smart antibacterial bowl:

1. Keep the 4 corners flat when the usage to make sure uniform force;
2. After turning on the computer and putting it flat, press the strength button to clear it once, then you can pour the pet food;
3. Press and preserve the key for three seconds to swap the weighing unit (g/lb/ml/oz);
4. When cleaning, pay interest to manage the water temperature under 50 °C;
5. Download Xiaopei APP, enter the pet's fundamental information, and get a scientific feeding plan;
6. The machine will robotically shut down when the weighing characteristic is no longer used for a lengthy time.

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