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Scalibor protective collar preventing Leishmaniasis in dogs, safe pet health. BUY FOR DOG
Buy Scalibor 25.6in dog collar, effective against fleas, ticks, and sandflies. BUY FOR DOG
Scalibor antiparasitic collar for dogs 18.9in for flea and tick prevention. BUY FOR DOG

Scalibor™ Collar: 12-Mo Flea & Tick Protection

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Scalibor™ Antiparasitic Collar: Comprehensive Protection Against Parasites 🛡️🐕‍🦺

The Scalibor™ Antiparasitic Collar, crafted with precision and care, delivers up to 12 months of proactive defense against parasites such as sandflies 🪰, ticks 🕷️, fleas 🐜, and mosquitoes 🦟, ensuring your dog's health and well-being.

Targeted Protection Tailored to Your Dog's Needs 🎯🐾

The collar provides differentiated protection durations: 12 months against sandflies (Phlebotomus perniciosus), responsible for transmitting Leishmaniasis; 6 months against ticks and mosquitoes (Culex pipiens complex), and 4 months against fleas. This tiered protection helps in specifically targeting the life cycle and threat level of each parasite.

Why Veterinarians Recommend Scalibor™ 🩺🏅

Scalibor™ is not just effective; it's also safe. Endorsed by veterinary professionals, the collar's active ingredient, deltamethrin 0.001 oz, is chosen for its potent anti-parasitic capabilities without compromising the health of your pet.

Essential Precautions and Usage Tips 🔍💧

To maximize effectiveness, the collar should be fitted one week before protection is needed. It is water-resistant for the first six months, though its resistance to water from 6 to 12 months has not been fully tested. Avoid allowing your dog to swim or bathe for the first five days after fitting the collar, as deltamethrin is harmful to aquatic life.

Health and Safety Information 🚨👨‍⚕️
  • Reported cases of hypersensitivity in humans after contact: includes symptoms such as skin irritation and more severe reactions like respiratory difficulties.
  • Always wash hands after handling the collar and keep it away from children and food.
  • Do not use on dogs with extensive skin lesions or under 7 weeks old.
  • Ensure proper disposal after use to protect the environment, as deltamethrin can harm aquatic organisms and bees.

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Take action now and ensure your dog's safety and comfort with the trusted Scalibor Collar — Buy now! 🛒🐕

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